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29 September 2021

Met someone and have committed to planning and starting a future together.


22 September 2021

I am now happily married.


14 September 2021

I have found happiness through your website and am no longer looking for a soul mate.


13 September 2021

I am pleased with my experience of using this site.


28 August 2021

Found Mr Right and am very happy!


24 August 2021

I have met the most wonderful man on this site and now have my soulmate for life. Thank you for making my dreams come true.


23 August 2021

Great site….. pretty sure that I have found my perfect match…thanks a million!


22 August 2021

I have managed to meet a match and we are going forward.


12 August 2021

I'm very happy!


10 August 2021

Have found someone on the site.


10 August 2021

This has been a really efficient and effective way to meet compatible and interesting women, and am pleased to say I have found a great match by being a member of this site. Thank you.


8 August 2021

She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, "THANK YOU"


8 August 2021

Thanks for helping to meet a wonderful person.


5 August 2021

Having joined in January 2017, I met someone on your site in January. We are getting married next year. Delayed due to covid. Thank you.


4 August 2021

Over 4 years ago now, and we're getting married next year :-) Thank you!


2 August 2021

Thank you for providing this platform to meet people.


27 July 2021

I found the perfect match, thank you.


12 July 2021

I am very happy with the response I had from your members. I have had several meetings with one outstanding meeting that lead to a series of meetings/dates and we have decided to give us a six months trial. We are both very pleased with our dealings on this site. Thank you.